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Monday, September 1, 2008

Rustom (MALE UAV) from DRDO

Rustom (MALE UAV) from DRDO.

Arjun MK-III My Concept

Arjun MK-III My Concept

Since the DGMF wanted, new age tank and Arjun MK-II (prototype) will role out in mid 2009, therefore, i have made my concept of Arjun MK-III.
This concept has taken best of Israel's and Russian (T95) MBT features. Like the Merkava it has engine in the front, while, it features unmanned turret, which is taken from T 95 Russian tank.
Amo is stored at the center of tank with protection to amo chamber. This tank has two man crew, which is sitted in tandom postion,both crew will be having their own chambers. This leaves room at the sides for APU, for silent operation.
This tank will also feature Fly by wire tech (drive by wire) which is mastered in LCA programme, this will give both the Driver and Commander to operate the tank or the main gun from their own seat.
This tank will feature complete NCW capabilties with provision for BFSR and host of sensors and camers in front, back and sides of tank.
Arjun MK-II will feature auto loader, same can be used with some modifications for this MK-III.
This will also feature new NERA armour develop for MK-II.
This concept reduces the weight of the tank.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

T 95 tank Russia? will this be our FMBT as stated by DGMF !!

T 95 tank Russia ? will this be our FMBT as stated by DGMF!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

T-90 and T 80 Protection Trials 1999

T-90 and T 80 Protection Trials 1999 pics
picture from

Test results

RPG-29 proved to be by far the most potent weapon among those used. As powerful as heavy ATGM Kornet, it appeared to assure the frontal penetration of T-80U even for the squad-level firepower. Even though T-90 fared better, it is still not immune to it. Considering sufficient proliferation of this weapon and the fact that this is still a fairly light infantry weapon, it is the most dangerous adversary of modern Russian MBTs, and is a very disturbing development.
Original reports that ATGM Kornet performance is severely degraded by ERA due to its peculiar order of internal components proved true as the ATGM with at least 100mm higher penetrating potential was not superior to a much lighter RPG-29.
Report of Shtora-1 EOCMDAS trials is confusing. Being laser-guided, ATGM Kornet should not suffer any interference from Shtora as it only affects IR SACLOS ATGMs. Furthermore, ATGMs can only deviate to the left if the marker is set to the left of both emitters, which is hardly likely. It is possible, however unlikely, that it was caused by a sloppy work of removal the warhead which e.g. could cause a gyro cofusion.
Shtora-1 Trials
10 Kornet ATGMs with removed warheads were fired at a tank with a crew. 4 ATGMs hit the tank, the other 6 deviated to the left of the target in the middle of the flight.
(Please note that IA did not purchased Shtora for its inital orders even at present we dont know the status of the sytsem for new orders).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kanchan armour test results pic

Kanchan armour (Arjun Tank) test results
(If any of the member find this objectionable for security reasons please feel free to contact me and i will remove the same).
Kanchan armour was develop for Arjun tank and this gives Arjun tank protection, which was never seen by the Indian Tank Crew. I visited Defexpo 2008 and i have pleasure of seeing and even allowed to measure the armour at the tank wheels. This picture was taken from you tube video of Kashsoldier.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Arjun Vs T 90S tank

Arjun Vs T 90 Tank.

Before i write about the Arjun Vs T 90S tank, please check out the above pics.
link for distroyed tank.
this picture was taken from Russia gorgia war 2008.
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